We are ready to help

We are ready to help.Do you have a legal issue and do you need professional legal advice?
Give us a call so we can discuss your case and give you further information about your legal rights and the possibilities.

The advantages of DB Legal Advice:

  • Professional, affordable and rapid legal advices;
  • Full commitment to your case;
  • Affordable rates;
  • Clarity upfront about you rights and the possibilities;
  • A consult by phone or videocall for a fixed price of €80,-.

What do we do?

  • Legal advice and guidance;
  • Drafting up official letters;
  • Drafting up contracts;
  • Negotiating to resolve legal conflicts;
  • Negotiating terms of resignation;
  • Drafting up legal appeals;
  • Litigate at the subdistrict court;
  • Extrajudicial collection.

Advice concerning settlement agreement resignation.

When you send us your settlement agreement, we can check the agreement and give you further legal advice concerning the agreement for a fixed rate.
This includes:

  • Checking the settlement agreement;
  • Checking your right to unemployment benefits;
  • Checking notice period;
  • Calculate resignation allowance/ severance pay;
  • Advice about agreeing with the settlement agreement or a counter proposal.

All of this for a fixed price of €115,- incl. TAX.

In the follow-up stage we can send a counter proposal on your behalf to your employer.
Hereby we also attempt to get a compensation for the legal fees from your employer.


Labour law

Do you have a question about your employment contract, the terms of your contract or resignation? Contact us so we can help you further!
You can contact us concerning the following subjects:

  • Immediate resignation;
  • Settlement agreement resignation;
  • Severance pay/ resignation allowance;
  • Notice period;
  • Reorganization;
  • No extension or your contract;
  • Probation period;
  • Employment contract;
  • And much more.

Call now or fill in the contact form.

Tenancy law/ Purchasing house

Do you have any questions about the obligations of your landlord/ rental company/ tenant, concerning rent increases, rent arrears, lease termination or home defects/ shortcomings? Or questions about your purchase agreement? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us when you have legal issues concerning the following subjects:

  • Rental/ lease contract;
  • Rent increases;
  • Rent arrears;
  • Rent/ lease termination;
  • Home defects/ shortcomings;
  • Purchase agreements.


We can advise you and give you further legal assistance with

  •  Drafting up contracts;
  •  Checking legality of contract;
  • Checking/ drafting up Terms and Conditions

Do you have any questions about the legality or the drafting of contracts? You can fill in the contact form or give us a call.